Empowering the commercial drone industry.
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Precision agriculture, commercial UAV and farm drones

  • Flight
  • Mapping
  • Analysis
  • Safety


datamapper logo Process, analyse and share drone data. Works with all leading UAV platforms. Aerial data analysis made easy.
  • Orthomosiacs
  • 3D Models
  • Vegetation analysis
  • Volume measurement
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The brand new Lancaster 5

  • Tougher
  • Longer flight time
  • New flight software and on-board AI
  • More sensor choices
  • New on-board display screen
  • More in-flight diagnostics
  • Better data fidelity tools
  • Improved global base maps
  • Expanded warranty
  • Lower price
Read more about the Lancaster 5.

lancaster 5

LATAS safety service for drones

Airspace and landscapes are constantly changing, making it incredibly complex for drones to navigate safely. Each day an increasing number of drones take flight adding to the complexity and making the need for drone safety greater than ever. LATAS provides safety services that enable drones operators to fly safer, efficiently and confidently.
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