unmanned vehicle services

Unmannedtech are a pioneering force in remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) technology and deployment. We aim to fuse the boundaries of our product applications with customer satisfaction. We passionately develop skills and grow with stakeholders whilst preserving the beauty of our environment.

Inspection Services

oil & gas

Service Offering Oil & gas, pipe line & flare stack inspections. Live flare stack and structural inspection of difficult to access elements resulting in enhanced utility and reduction of down time


Service Offering Power line surveys & system checking thermal and infrared imaging cameras detect friction points to help ensure early fault identification so that preventative action can be taken


Service Offering Wind Turbine Surveys thermal and structural analytics of blades, frame and rotors at height is safer, quicker and cheaper than rope climbing access so that problems can be detected earlier and repaired


Progress monitoring by means of video and stills for the purposes of interim payment and schedule adherence is immediate, elaborative, safer and more detailed than achievable before and lessens the necessity for multiple site visits


Service Offering Fight against rhino poaching
 unmannedtech uses its RPAs to assist with conservation wildlife management, including anti-poaching management, animal tracking, wildlife census, and fire assessment


Service Offering Mining surveys & volumetric analysis drastically reduced traditional ground survey work for quicker, safer, immediate and more cost effective mining and construction operations

aerial vehicle services

We provide safe, cost effective and highly experienced RPAS operators to supply services to our global client base. Our services are high quality, right first time, accurate, fast-track and dynamic.

search & rescue

Service Offering
Search and Rescue live geo referenced multi-camera support, for search and rescue and ERT operations.

security & surveillance

We utilize RPA (remote piloted aircraft) and model aircrafts. Their flight is controlled either separately by onboard computers or by the control of a pilot on the ground.

A classic launch and recovery method of an unmanned RPA is conducted through the use of an automatic system or an external operator on the ground.

ground vehicle services

Coming soon. We plan on adding ground vehicles to our inventory.